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 Ever after

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PostSubject: Ever after   Sun 07 Mar 2010, 6:56 pm

I have always been a silent believer of "happily ever after". Unless I want my friends to know that I have always been a Carrie Bradshaw, that character in Sex and the City a writer, stylish, shopaholic, relationship-guru and a sex-guru, and not the Charlotte York I've always been (who believes in such kind of romance,).

Cynicism has always been synonymous to my name, according to my friends. Because I'm somewhat a man Check Lesbit's House Rules!, comparably, because of my endless l'affaires with guys I barely know, or care to. But it is within this steely aura of mine that rests a pink clouds-and-all landscape, straight out of a Precious Moments cartoon.

Who doesn't long for that "hand in hand, they strolled into the sunset, living happily ever after" conclusion? In this age of apparent boredom that you have to get on another train before you lose your mind (or your looks); the reality of Ever After seems like a fortune, like a Burberry carry-all in ukay-ukay. And like a treasure it is, people seem to give up on it and settle for the eighth best thing, like a faux Burberry carry-all. Hmmm, I seem to spout very interesting fashion analogies.

The gay dating scene has become so jaded that it looks like one big swingers party, where low-slung denims are carefully scrutinized to emphasize God-given assets. Aesthetics matter more than substance. But this philosophy should only be applied when buying shoes, not in relationships. Pickup lines are sharper than ever, just to get laid. Dates are now replaced with sex eye-balls. Funny, I've always thought no sex happens on the first date. Now it's lucky if you even have a date first before hitting the motel.

But still, all is not lost. I know couples that have actually went through the stages - meeting, communicating, dating, a bit of courtship, and finally kissing. These relationships are not just some made-up tra-la-la stories. They do exist, albeit in scarcity. They refer to their significant others as partners, not "buddies". And their dates are often with candlelight, not some cheesy dimly lit room in a pre-paid rundown 3-hour room. These happy couples spend more time enjoying the fruits of their hard-earned labor.

I become envious of them, not that I haven't had a couple tucked under my belt, because it seems that it is no longer Mr. Right Now, but rather Mr. Right Shoe To My Left Shoe. You hear/read/see 10/15/30-year relationships, and think "What? How?" Do they even exist? Well, apparently they do.

I've remained an optimist that somewhere, sometime, someone will come in my life whom I shall truly and deeply love. And in the meantime, I'll go with the iPod Shuffle tag line: "Give chance a chance." And hopefully with the shuffling of men in the darkness and smoke and alcohol, I'd bump up with the one who's right for me.
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PostSubject: Re: Ever after   Fri 15 Feb 2013, 7:28 pm


Other peoples opinions of you does not have to become your reality.
-Les Brown
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PostSubject: Re: Ever after   

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Ever after
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