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 Torn Pages... for Maze

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PostSubject: Torn Pages... for Maze    Sun 21 Aug 2011, 5:07 am

Maybe it wonít matter at all. Even if I cry. Even if I scream. Nothingís going to take away the pain. Nothingís going to make everything okay. Why does it hurt so badly? Why canít it just go away? The last moments just fade away. All is gone. Just when everythingís like a good dream coming true, something has to wake me up.

Iím shattered. Not in hundreds, not in thousands. Iím shattered into million pieces, every inch screaming from unbearable pain. I want to sleep and never wake up. I want to roam the world and never come back. I want to scream out loud and never stop. I just want to get this off my chest. I just want to stop myself from hurting.

Yesterdayís just another part of the story. Another page. Another used to be. Todayís another one. And when the dayís over I have to move on with the next page. Lifeís a book. The difference is you canít go back to the old page thatís already been turned. When the pages are torn apart, you canít put it back with scotch tapes. You canít repair it. You just have to go on.

Wish I could re-write my life. Wish I could erase the part where you came in and torn the pages apart. For once in my life I have to admit that I do regret knowing you at all. The worst part is you donít even know how it feels. You donít even know how I feel. You donít. You never will. You came and left. Just like that.

Now I have to make it through the day knowing youíre just a fake. A perfect ghost of a dream I always wanted all my life. Now I canít take another step towards you. Waking upís too painful. But pretending youíll always be there even if youíre not is a lot harder. Iím just going to turn my back. Turn my back and left your memories behind. Iím not going to miss your smiles. Iím not going to miss your laughs. Iím not going to miss your eyes. Iím not going to miss you. Iím half alive. But Iím going to be strong and Iíll look for the lost pieces.

Tomorrowís another story to write. Just another lie to tell, all because Iím the biggest liar and idiot in the world.
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Torn Pages... for Maze
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